Mircea Cioponea, Claymoor`s List

Founded in September 2011, Claymoor.blogspot.com was established as an act of Love. The Love for the Gentleman’s shoe and the admiration for the passion and the commitment of Gentlemen who are involved in the shoemaking business and who were able to create over the years not footwear but objects of Art. To quote a ‘The Devil wears Prada’ character “what they created is greater than Art because you live in it“.

What is amazing is the fact that the modern shoe journey, who began over two centuries ago, continues to be based on Individuals not factories. Even the ones who did not turn their faces from the modern factory machines still preserve the legacy of the founders offering exceptional products. Along with the shoemaking landmarks like John Lobb Ltd, George Cleverley, Foster&Son or Scheer&Shone the craft is carried on today by talented Gentlemen such Tony Gaziano & Dean Girling, Pierre Corthay, Anthony Delos, Riccardo Bestetti, Laszlo Vass, Masaru Okuyama or Marcell Mrsan (Koronya).
All their creations are affected by their own conception of style and are inseparable from their personality.

When you acquire one of their creations you are not buying a mass product. You are choosing to wear a specific object designated to accompany you along for many years like a true friend. Their shoes will be a part of your unique style and over the years an elegant testimony of your singularity and charisma. It is a celebration of the unique character of each of us. In the end it is all about four things: Love, exceptional Talent, Uniqueness and Free Ideas.

It has been over a year since my first post and during this period I had nothing but a wonderful time being able to share with you the thoughts of over 40 creators of beauty. It was a remarkable privilege to step inside their workshop and to truly understand their motivation and the things that make them go forward with strength day after day. Therefore I need to thank them all and to assure them of my deep gratitude and respect.

Claymoor was like a child to me. I nourished him from his first steps, I spent many hours building his personality and many nights were spent for his well-being. Now he grew up into a Gentleman and blogspot is a suit too small for his dreams. His ambitions and aspirations are now better fitted in a new suit. The journey will continue and in the future significant names will be on Claymoor’s List.

Claymoor’s List’s ambition is to be a virtual Gentlemen’s lounge, providing quality information on shoemaking and on various subjects you have a keen interest in. It will continue the tradition of presenting exceptional Artists and their inspiring stories.

If Claymoor continues to feed your the imagination and inspires a new generation of Gentlemen then I consider my job to be well done.

                                                                                                                                                              Mircea Cioponea - Claymoor

                                                                                                                                                               March 6, 2013