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12e7a59bb66767fad7df9441dea4e5cd“Somewhere between a swathe of antique sewing machines, taxidermy birds and vintage designer handbags in the old The Wild One store on Enmore Road now sits Nathan Baxter, cobbler extraordinaire.

This is Baxter’s first shopfront, having moved his business from a private studio in Chippendale to Newtown in August with partner and co-owner, Rachel Black.

The idea was to be more inclusive and to provide a service to a larger market.

“People only knew us by word of mouth,” says Baxter. “So the Chippendale studio was very exclusive. Having a store now means that we’re able to service a larger range of the community.”414e7d0862bed5ff36f88c92bc9534e3

“He’ll be fixing Saint Crispin’s, which are between $2000 and $3000 a pair,” adds Black. “But then he’ll be working on Doc Martens and New Rocks. So many shoe repairers won’t know how to fix them, but instead of throwing them out, people can come to Nathan.”

A qualified scientist, Baxter worked as a lab technician, then in a government desk job before finding his calling.

“I just really enjoy working with my hands, so when I came across an Italian cobbler I pestered him until he let me work there,” Baxter says. “From then on in, that was all I was interested in.”

Baxter travelled to London to train at shoemaking school CarréDucker at Cockpit Arts studios. Alongside talented milliners, craftspeople and artists, he honed his skills in …” Read full story here.eefd7fef9a949861d55c82e401f0c8f2 fdc27c17168e4b004acdc9900d1c6c34 6ae118255662ad0e358b337169461929 fd791e97a8b4e2beec353118b0e2175b a9bbda5ad5a0d6b0446b7af942e40356
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