Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – personal shoe buckle

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – personal shoe buckle

Silver plated brass, with ornamental floral engravings, iron thorn, 8.5 x 7.2 cm, accompanied by handwritten documentation, in glazed display case, (Lu) 
According to handwritten documentation, the present shoe buckle comes from the estate of Imperial and Royal Court Shoemaker Karl Bühn. The confirmation reads:”Die nach dem am 16./9. 1911 erfolgten Ableben meines Vaters Karl Bühn, K. u. K Hofschuhmacher übernommene silberne Schuhschnalle rührt nach dessen Aussage von Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart her. Selbe stammt aus dem Nachlass meines seeligen Urgroßvaters Matthias Knoller bürgl. Schuhmachermeister in Wien dessen Kunde der große Künstler gewesen ist. Marie Bühn.” [According to my father Karl Bühn, Imperial and Royal Court Shoemaker, the silver shoe buckle, which I inherited on 16 September 1911 after his death, originally belonged to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It comes from the estate of my late great-grandfather Matthias Knoller, master shoemaker in Vienna, who counted the great artist among his clients. Marie Bühn] A further handwritten note: “W. A. Mozart, Kunde meines seeligen Großvaters (Vater von Bühns Mutter war Schuhm. Knoller)” [W. A. Mozart, a client of my late grandfather’s (the father of Bühn’s mother was master shoemaker Knoller)]

Specialist: Dr. Georg Ludwigstorff


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