Conversation with Maciej Kielman (Jan Kielman) –

Conversation with Maciej Kielman (Jan Kielman) –


Maciej Kielman:

The whole process starts with taking measurements. We do that for both feet naturally because they are often different from each other. When a customer have an orthopaedic problems we suggest adjustments in order to improve comfort and minimize the problem. We choose the model of the shoes, it usually is one of the models we got in our store – or, rarely, choose something from the catalogues. The main point of this part is the choice of type and colour of the leather. Customers can choose from over 100 options but if that is still not enough we are able to get absolutely every leather in a very short time. During the first few days we work on the last. The master shapes them using special tools. When the last is finished the leather goes to the upper maker (finisher) who actually makes the shoe. Using uppers, four kinds of leather, two types of glue, wooden pins and wax the shoemaker creates a unique pair of shoes. He needs approximately a week to ten days to finish it. When shoes are perfectly dry we take the last out and finish the inner side. In accordance with the width of the feet we choose proper pair of shoe trees and leave the shoes for finishing and polishing. After three to four weeks shoes are ready to pick up. If needed, they can be delivered anywhere in the world. Prices for a bespoke pair for man, made of calf leather start at 2600-3600PLN (£500-£700; €650-€900)…

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