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“The musky smell of leather perfumes the cosy studio of Josh Leong Shoes at Joo Chiat Terrace. Things get headier as you meet its namesake, a charming shoe atelier whose chat can keep you rapt through a crash course in his complex process, which involves more than 100 different steps and techniques.

It’s an intimate afternoon inside his world, as he opens up. “I am happiest when I am at my workstation,” he confesses. “When my mind is in that state of intense focus, I am in my own little bubble where it is just me and the shoes. Stress and worries disappear, and my mind is at peace.”

An archetype of a growing maker culture in Singapore, Mr Leong has become synonymous with a bespoke heritage once associated only with the Italian leather industry. He is focused on fine workmanship, attention to detail, and a sensibility that combines the nation’s famed pragmatist streak with a broad world view.

Mr Leong left his path in advertising sales, events management and …”  Read full story here.

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