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tumblr_nv8ttkGZPy1qfbji5o1_12801. What is your favorite part of the shoemaking process? e.g. the lastmaking? the fitting? the design?

My favorite part of the shoe making process is discussing about the shoes we are going to create with the customer. Our job is not merely making shoes. We always make sure to take enough time to talk to every one of our customers, so that we can recommend shoes that match each person’s lifestyle. No matter how great the shoes look, if they do not suit the wearer, that’s like putting the cart before the horse. Also, when I make shoes, I imagine the customer: what is he wearing? where is he at? what sort of fun thing is he up to? I believe that shoes are just a part of a whole person, to be happy and comfortable. 

The shoes that I pursue are the best of ordinary. Our shoes are meant to be worn for a long time, so they would not be trendy. However, we stick to the classic so it never goes outdated. I wish our shoes to be life long partners for our customers. 

2. If you could only have a selection of 3 styles of shoes in your wardrobe, what would they be? 

  1. Black punched cap Oxford
  2. Dark Brown Semi-Brogue Oxford…”

British Style Shoemaker Yohei Fukuda – Q&A for The Rake Japan.

Civil War armies often included very young soldiers. Exactly how many is difficult to determine, given the scarcity of records and the honesty of “boy recruits” when reporting their actual age. It is clear, however, that thousands of minors served, and some were as young as nine years old.

Such young men, either serving in the ranks as musicians or as musket-toting infantrymen, took the same risks as their older counterparts. They experienced hunger, cold, fatigue, crippling wounds and illness and the horrific sights of the battlefield and the prison camp.

Clothing young soldiers was a frequent problem, as even the army’s smallest uniforms were too large and required alteration. Shoes such as these, common in the civilian world, would have been difficult to obtain for a young soldier, and would have been a much sought after item during soldier “foraging” expeditions.boy-shoes-medium

Young boys were capable of amazing heroism. Orion P. Howe, age 12, for instance, joined Company C, 55th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment as a drummer boy. On May 19, 1863, during the assault on Vicksburg, Howe’s actions earned him the Medal of Honor. His citation reads:

“A drummer boy, 14 years of age, and severely wounded and exposed to a heavy fire from the enemy, he persistently remained upon the field of battle until he reported to General W. T. Sherman the necessity of supplying cartridges for the use of troops under the command of Colonel Malmborg.”

After the war Howe settled in Springfield, Missouri and is buried in the Springfield National Cemetery.

Image Courtesy Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield; WICR 30065″

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