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IMG_6351Maftei Vienna returns on the list with two models for which I had some sleepless nights, spending a good amount of hours on thinking what model to choose.  Saint Crispin’s 522 C was the inspiration for the Oxford model. Roxana Maftei kindly presented me the leathers (one grey and one light brown) and from here things were simple as they already had my last. After seeing them on my feet I felt sorry that I didn’t choose both models as derby. I don’t know why, but derby fits wonderfully my feet. Pics with the derby will come later.IMG_6346 IMG_6349 IMG_6354 IMG_6350 IMG_6347

“Zipora and Dov (Braka) Cohen were a young couple at the outbreak of World War II. Before the war, the couple had suffered from a miscarriage. With the German invasion into Lithuania, the couple unsuccessfully tried to escape to the Soviet Union, and found themselves back in their home in Kovno. It was not long before Dov and Zipora were evacuated from their home and into the ghetto established in the city. Some six months later, on January 18, 1942, their daughter Hinda was born, named after Zipora’s mother. 01s

At the end of November 1943, the couple was moved to the Aleksotas labor camp in Lithuania, where they worked under grueling conditions, assigned to exhausting tasks. During the day the men and women would leave for work and only the children would remain in the camp, with a handful of adults and elderly people. On March 27, transportation vehicles arrived at the camp. The adults were told to leave for work through a different gate, so that they would not be able to see the vehicles that had arrived. At the end of the day, when the men and women returned, they discovered that all of the children had been deported to concentration camps in the East. Later, they learned that their children had been sent to Auschwitz, where they were murdered. Dov and Zipora went to their daughter’s bed and found one of her shoes, along with the mittens Zipora had made for her. Dov etched the date on the bottom of the shoe and swore to preserve it for posterity.shoe_mittens2b

Dov and Zipora later returned to the Kovno Ghetto and then fled to the forest. They were liberated by the Red Army and in 1947 they had another daughter. In 1960 they immigrated to Israel.shoe_mittens3b

Dov and Zipora asked their families to deliver the items that had belonged to their small daughter to Yad Vashem. Indeed, after their passing, their granddaughter donated the artifacts to the Holocaust History Museum at Yad Vashem.04

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