Bespoke split-toe derby – Maftei

Bespoke split-toe derby – Maftei










  • Clasic.
    Felicitari pentru alegere, Mircea.
    Serban S.

  • Very pretty shoes. How do they fit? Is that a rubber sole and heel?

    Was this a display design or did you request any changes to the style and shape of the last?

  • Well – They are quite beautiful I must say. I would like to have something similar made by Maftei – I am still dialing in my fit on my first pair with Lucian (I have some special medical requirements). I want to see what they can do with a dressy leather sole – something akin to Dainite. out of the UK. I deal with Maftei out of Vienna.

    Do you recall the leather you picked? It looks to have a small grain in a dark brown / chocolate color. How is the fit?

    Wear in good health!!

    • I have picked a brown grained leather. You should tell Lucian that you want the same leather and I am sure he will know what kind of leather he used for my shoes. If you want I can write him and put you in CC.

    • The fit is great. I have another Maftei pair and this pair feels better than the first one. Lucian made same small changes at the last.

  • Do you think the grain goes well with a suit and also casual wear? I see you went with an english style last and not a more traditional AH Goyser. I think it makes the shoes a little bit dressier and i really like the clean line along the welt.

    I will mention this shoe specifically to Lucian and see what he thinks. Most important thing now is to get fit dialed in – very close now but very difficult to do remotely (USA vs. Vienna)

    • It goes very well both casual wear and suit. Even it is a grained leather the grain is very small and on the toes it is very weel streched so in this area is very similar with normal leather. but the look is quite appeleing

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