Nikolaus Tuczek

Nikolaus Tuczek

Nikolaus Tuczek was one of the most prominent shoemakers of all time. His name became legendary in the world of shoe historians and collectors. 

The Tuczek’s came in England from Austro-Hungary about 1850 being naturalized by the end of the century. Nikolaus Tuczek shoes are now very rare being a fine example of exceptional shoemaking skills.

Tuczek’s designs are exceptionally sleek and  characteristic are the  chiseled toe and elastic side gussets that can be  seen now at Cleverley. This inspiration is not by chance, George Cleverley learning and working  in Tuczek shop since 1920  for 38 years  before starting his own shop. The Tuczek brand  finished in 1969. Next year in 1970, John Lobb was  taking over the remnant of the shop.
This legendary brand was in 17 Clifford Street, London between the years 1938 – 1966 before moving down to 21 Jermyn Street until the final days 1966-1969. In dating shoes a great help are the dates of operation with address and years as follow:

24 Arthur Street, Oxford Street 1853-1855
24 High Street, St Giles’s 1856-1861
109 New Bond Street 1862-1886

39 Old Bond Street 1887-1903
15B Clifford Street 1904-1937
17 Clifford Street 1938-1966
21 Jermyn Street 1966-1969

The company was taken over by John Lobb Ltd in 1970.


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