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Source: Casa Fagliano

author – Juliano Lopes


A few mounths ago I was looking for colorful socks and I could not find any pair in Bucharest except Falke at Baneasa Shopping City (Peek&Cloppenburg).

It is a shame that most part of shops sell only funeral colors. There are a lot of Bucharest Gentlemen that appreciate the color and like to play wit it.

So finally I have found 2 options  Mes Chaussettes Rouges and Vicell. I have socks from both brands and I am very pleased with them. For those who seek exquisiteness  the red socks are the one. It feels and look like the perfect sock. You can go wrong with the red socks.

In terms of quality/price ratio, Vicell offers a great variety of colors for their 100% synthetic free socks. The socks  fits perfect have reinforced toe and heel and furthermore the color is very bright. 

So next time you need socks add two names on your list : Mes Chaussettes Rouges and Vicell.