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John+Carnera,Andrew+Murphy,Tony+Gaziano,Pierre+Corthay,SimonCrompton,me,Norman+Vilalta,Phillip+Car+(1)“I selected four original creations for this event. There are two shoes that respectively stand for tradition and innovation, history and vision, identity and challenge. They are both direct emanation of the Iconic 605 that became one of Stefano Bemer’s most admired styles. The first witnesses completely our tradition and the core philosophy of our brand. It has all the features that would distinguish a “classic Stefano Bemer”: it’s a balmoral boot with goodyear construction, leather sole, french box calf upper, english calfskin lining and a touch of eccentricity in the choice of a corduroy print suede for the sides of the upper.


The second represents the blend of tradition and innovation that I strongly wanted for this brand and that is exquisitely coming together in this oxford shoe with blake construction and no welt, thin “bombé” sole, french box calf upper, goat skin lining and a slight patina. Then I present our first double Monk, which we first introduced last june, in a new last which enhances the signature js last with a new, slightly chiseled toe, featured in Horween’s Horse front leather and with our own silver cast buckles.doublemonk-1440x956

The last witnesses our spirit and the spirit of beshoes, that I strongly wanted, worked hard to make happen and I describe as our quest towards a higher sense of satisfaction and achievement for our customers. This classic shoe has been in fact handed to the careful hands of the patineur Alexander Nuralaeff, aka Dandy Shoe Care, to express a potential development that we have never explored before and that we would only explore through the most expert hands available on the market…”  ( Tommaso Melani interview for bespokemagazine.it)

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